About NW Bounty

NW Bounty is a purveyor of wild foods. We deliver delicacies of the Pacific NW from the boats of Neah Bay and La Push, as well as the mountains of the Olympic Peninsula, to your restaurant.


 All fish and mushrooms are hand selected and chosen according to each restaurant's high demand of quality. We bring the products straight from the source to your restaurant, no warehouse, no storage. We consistently offer the best fish and mushrooms in the Northwest.  



We understand that the restaurant business can be stressful and that the amount of food you need fluctuates and can be extremely unpredictable. We make this easier for you because we do business with a few wholesale accounts that will take anything we offer. If you change your mind about an order, it is ok with us.




At NW Bounty, we believe that it is paramount that all ingredients are affordable for our customers. Luckily for us, we do not have to pay for a warehouse or for any sort of storage, so our overhead is considerably lower than other purveyors. Contact us for availability and price and you will see that our prices are more than fair.



We are a small, specialized family-operated company. Alex Spencer and nephew Will Holdridge collaborate to provide the best of the Pacific Northwest, according to your needs. Alex is founder and owner while Will is your primary contact point.


We believe it is a privilege and an honor to offer such fine quality wild foods for the top chefs in Seattle, including Dustin Ronspies for Art of the Table, Eduardo Jordan from Salare, and Brady Williams from Canlis. Culinary excellence can be achieved and recognized with top quality, local ingredients. 


Northwest Bounty

Wild Fish and Mushrooms